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discussion of the blogosphere

First and fore most I have to admit that I have never done any sort of blogging in my life. However, I have read many blogs and looked at many websites with a large online community for discussions and what not. I find it very interesting to read some online posts and can’t help but ask myself if the person who posts entries online acts the same offline. I have had a youtube account for many years now and whenever I watch a video I find myself always reading the comments after. Its quite funny to see how many of these comments do not relate in any way to the video. Actually for the most part the comments are between few people saying how dumb the other person is. I find this quite amusing because I can guarantee that 99.99% of people who trash talk on blogs are people who are afraid of confrontations in person. They comment on peoples posts to get some sort of satisfaction for calling them an idiot. I also feel that the increased popularity of blogs is leading to a more antisocial world. Instead of talking to a person face to face, people these days are resorting to technology and hiding behind computers as a more “effective” way of communication. Do you think technology is creating a more antisocial world or bringing us all closer together??

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