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Appeal of the Online Community

The online community that is created by blogs is an interesting phenomenon, since we can socialize and feel part of something in the comfort of our own home. As a society that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, the act of sitting along in front of a computer is an isolating one. Yet, through these online communities, we are able to immerse in conversations with people all over the world and feel a sense of belonging and companionship. You can usually find some blog that appeals to one your interests, no matter how obscure, and find people with similar interests. But at the same time, I find that one appeal of these online communities and online friendships is that there is no commitment and no attachment to those we encounter. It’s pretty easy to log off and walk away from a computer than to do it in real life. I think the feeling of anonymity plays a big role in that sense of detachment people feel within their online communities – no one can be held accountable for their actions or words. I wonder, with our technological advances, are we becoming an increasingly social or antisocial society? You usually don’t feel alone on the internet, considering the multitude of websites that appeal to every interest possible, to everyone all over the world. But at the end of the day, are we just becoming a society that’s lazy and antisocial that’s immersing ourselves into a community of falsified friendships? Is blogging and social media helping or hindering our socialization?

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