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Blogosphere and the Internet

While enticed by Mr. Bucklands research and study of blogs and the ‘blogosphere’ I’m curious as to the demographic of political and politically minded blogs on the internet. I’ve been an on-off blogger for the last 7 years or so, having had a diaryland account when I was in my teens (I can’t believe I’m admitting that to you all), partaking in a blog/online zine collective in the past and in a new one now, and now, starting up my own personal online database. But as I’m not at all politically minded, and am much more interested in art, I look at an entirely different spectrum of the blogging world than Mr. Buckland does. Some of these websites are not necessarily personal blogs, but do follow the format of self published website and follow the continual stream of articles or images.

I’m very interested in the influence that these blogs have over the world of fashion, art and design. Time magazine has cited the sartorialist as one of their top 100 design influences in years past, art blogs like art fag city, boooooom and vvork are educating people all around the world as to what various artists are doing, and now (finally) institutions are getting on board much in the same way that the newscasters are now catching up to the individual. Even certain artists have developped careers based on the internet such as Terrence Koh, who used to run an entirely hyperlink based site which continually led you from one image or work to another, in a non-consecutive order forever and ever (in past years as his art career has exploded, this site has changed formatting, but still functions as a piece of art in itself, available to the public).

All this pretty much blows my mind on a daily basis, and provides enough if not more entertainment than I would get out of a tv or even from tv programs online (for free). I’m incredibly excited and interested to be around for this technological shift from TV and am curious about how it will change theories around the media, news, communications and television.

my all time favourite blog

an interesting relevant article.

I’m also curious as to how dependent the political side of the blogosphere is to television and printed media. Surely it disseminates the information to a wider audience etc but with the internet becoming more and more relevant (find me someone without an email address and in 5 years i’ll find you someone without a facebook account), is the news still going to come over a wire, and who will supply who with ‘the new’ to be covered?

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