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Sexual Orientation

I enjoyed our class on feminism and all the discussions we had on gender roles and the differences between the sexes and it got me to thinking about sexual orientation. What gender roles are placed on people of different sexual orientation. When we think of gay men most people’s first image is usually of someone who is overly flamboyant and seems to have more feminine qualities and female gender roles placed on them. Why is that??? When it comes to lesbians why are there two images that come to most peoples mind….two hot girls making out or a “butch” woman who has masculine gender roles or associations placed on her. Is that sexual orientation throws society off and therefore we put these people into these categories to make sense of something that we do not fully understand.

OR is it that men are so used to being stereotypically manly and being seen as homosexual to some is not.So then then these qualities and thrust upon these individuals to demean them? Also, when it comes to “butch” lesbians is it because people feel uncomfortable about it so they brush it off as a hot experiment or a woman has some sort of complex which makes her want to be a man?

I know the issue of sexual orientation is vast and complicated and often a sensitive issue but as someone who has several friends who are gay it just seems interesting the roles that are thrown upon them once their orientation comes into play even though most of these are stereotypes.

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  1. andrea says

    It is interesting how the media can perpetuate these stereotypes, and debatably, impose social constructs upon GLBT’s. Personally I think that if someone knows more than one person who identifies with a different sexual orientation, those stereotypes are usually proven wrong and will eventually no longer be perpetuated. So long as people keep an open mind. Will and Grace probably did a lot for these stereotypes, both good and bad, with Will and Jack’s opposing yet stereotyped characters.
    but as some side reading on this topic of social constructs:

  2. michaelyoon says

    Stereotypes are quite terrible. Personally, I am not a member of the gay community. However, several of my close friends are homosexuals. I find that often the case is that because they are very confident in truly understanding who they are, they do not care to follow the standards of one particular “gender” role. This in itself can be quite intimidating for many people who feel the need to be defined by the socially constructed gender roles for both men and women. That is why I believe that negative stereotypes have been established for this specific group. After all, stereotype are not all true. They all depend on the individuals. Personally one of my friends from the football team had recently come out of the closet approximately two years ago. Based on his actions, words, mannerisms, it would be impossible to detect any sign of homosexuality, He was not the typical flamboyant silly gay guy, he was simply the same jock that i used to hang out with in high school. (Moral of the story, kids don’t believe in stereotypes and don’t judge accordingly)
    Anyways… Just felt like sharing

  3. brettmanzer says

    It is interesting how the stereotypes of sexual orientation work. Most of these stereotypes, whether the two hot lesbians or the flamboyantly gay guy, seem to be made my males. When a man thinks of two women who like each-other he thinks of two hot women, and if he sees a unattractive lesbian she must be butch , and the man in the relationship. When they see a gay guy they try to distance themselves as much as possible portraying all of the non-manly traits on him.

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